Monday, January 21, 2013

ATM Card for Nuffnangers!

Good news for Nuffnangers: Nuffnang Philippines is launching its own ATM. According to Nuffnang, the launching of ATM to the bloggers is, to allow the bloggers to easily cashout their earnings through ATM. Bright idea, right? :-)

Apply for one now!

Here is the content from the Nuffnang blog on how to own a Nuffnang ATM:

Visit any Security Bank branch nearest you and fill up the necessary bank application forms:
  • Signing Instruction Form
  • Universal Specimen Signature Card
  • Cashlink Application & Maintenance Request Form
  • Cashcard Purchase Agreement
Check out this link to see how to correctly fill up the forms. Once done, send over your accomplished application forms to us (via mail) with a photocopy of your two (2) valid IDs:
Same Plotado
Senior Finance Executive
c/o Nuffnang Philippines
Unit 2E03-05, Building 5, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634

You may also visit us here at the Nuffnang headquarters to fill out your form!
We’re gradually rolling this out, but the faster you send your application forms, the faster we can process it and send to you! So do send us your application forms as soon as you can!
First Batch Deadline – January 31, 2013 Second Batch Deadline – February 15, 2013 Third Batch Deadline – March 1, 2013

But, what about if there is no Security Bank in my area? 


Jeeson Johnson said...

Hi, I was just looking at your blog and i think it is quite good, however i think the colors are unpleasant towards the eye, e.g the title is blue and the background is blue so it hard to see. But overall nice blog!

veta said...

Thank you for your comment.. maybe I should adjust the title color.

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