Monday, November 19, 2012

Revisiting (Sunrise) Island

After two years, I visited this island again. Though it was a quick visit, but, I was happy and appreciate every minute of my stay.

It was raining in the morning of Sunday.

  Amiel and Abby fetching water.

 This way to Sitio Canturok. A neighbor barangay.
 There were 200 steps to climb before reaching a sitio.

A father cuddling his daughter.

Lolo and his apo heading for home.

Empty street. Wondering where the children go.

Here they are. Happily playing "Labug-Labog Tsinelas"

Philippine Aglipay Church

Seventh Day Adventist Church


Half moon

These were the captured moments of me, myself and I in an island called (Sunrise):-)

Happy viewing.
Stay cool.

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