Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Low Internal Memory Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Recently, I encountered an issue on my phone. It said "low internal memory". With this, I need to delete some applications so that I can receive messages on my phone. If your phone is low internal memory, you can't send and receive messages. It is frustrating and annoying, right?
To lessen or erase this issue, I bought new 8GB sd card in replacement of my 2GB sd card. But, my phone is still low internal memory. I asked Mr. G about this issue. After researching and reading posts regarding my problem, I stumbled an  "answered post". Whew! at last!

But, it wasn't so easy. To avoid the same mistakes I made, I'll tell you the proper thing to do on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S5360 and on how to expand the internal memory of your phone.

Firstly, download and install the Link2d and Superuser from Google play store. Link2d and Superuser are free app. Secondly, root your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Follow the steps HERE. It is free. Take note, download the properly. It is safe.  If you follow the steps properly, then, you are ready to level up your phone. I mean, you can expand now the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Others called it, sd partition. Lastly, expand the internal memory of your phone. Follow the steps HERE. Take note: You need to download Skin of CWM
If you follow the steps properly. Then, you did a good job.

After the second step, you'll notice that Superuser will become active and recognize Link2d. You have to "allow" Superuser to link with Link2d so that Link2d can perform well its job, which is to move your file from internal memory to your SD. Remember, you can only move your file from the internal memory to your SD after following the steps on number three.

Here's a video that helps me a lot familiarizing the rebooting process of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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How do i download the skin 1980 thingy

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