Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh My Palawan!

I’ve been listing down the places I want to visit soon (of course it depends on my savings). Palawan is in the list. Though it is not on number spot, but, at this moment of time I think about Palawan. Why Palawan? Firstly, only in Palawan where the famous Underground River located. Secondly, I am wondering what it is in this Ugong Rock. Thirdly, the controversial Tubbataha Reef. Fourthly, I wanna experience how high is the Zipline in Sabang. Lastly, ehem well I wanna watch firefly.  Aren’t these reasons enough to visit Palawan?

 It can’t be denied that air fare is the main reason of stopping me to pursue my trip. Gladly, I stumble on JustWandering website. What it makes me eager to join in her giveaway is, the free round trip ticket to any Tiger Airways destination from Philippines. I am happy to know that Palawan is in the list of destination of Tiger Airways.  Is this a sign?
Let me fly, Tiger Airways!


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